QuestBridge Frequently Asked Questions

Before the College Match

Can I apply Early Decision to other schools if I’m applying for the College Match and ranking Rice University?

No, you cannot apply to other schools under a binding/restrictive agreement if you are applying for the College Match. If you did not match with a binding school during the College Match and included Rice on your college list, you will have the opportunity to apply Early Decision shortly after College Match Day results are announced.

Do I have to also submit a Common or Coalition Application with my QuestBridge application?

No, you do not need to submit the Common or Coalition Application but you will need to submit the Rice University supplemental questions by the November 1 deadline. You can access the Rice supplement via your Rice Admission Student Portal.

After the College Match

I didn’t match with Rice. Does that mean I won’t be admitted if I apply in Early or Regular Decision?

Not being selected for the College Match does not mean you are not an admissible candidate for Rice, given the variance of factors being considered. As long as you have not matched with any other binding schools, you are eligible to apply for Early or Regular decision and be considered for an equally comparable financial aid package.

Do I need to create a new Rice application account after not matching during the College Match and applying under Early or Regular Decision?

No. If you created a Rice Application Student Portal during the College Match, you do not need to create a new one. You will still have access to view your application materials checklist and financial aid information as well as the ability to upload any new materials through the same portal.

Can I use the Common or Coalition Application instead of my QuestBridge application if I want to apply in Regular Decision? Does that mean I have to resubmit all the school materials?

You may submit either application by the Regular Decision deadline and do not need to resubmit school materials as long as Rice was on your College Rankings List for the College Match.

Can I send a revised version of my essay(s)?

While you are not able to edit your application after submitting it and we therefore highly recommend taking ample time to compose them initially, you can upload an edited version of your essay(s) via your Rice Admission Student Portal or email with your request to have the revised essay(s) included in your application.

My midyear report will not be ready by the Regular Decision deadline, is it ok if my school submits it once it is available?

Yes, just be sure to submit the QuestBridge Regular Decision Form by the QuestBridge deadline and/or Common or Coalition Application by the Regular Decision deadline. School-related materials like mid-year report, transcript, recommendation letters not previously submitted may be submitted shortly after the deadline so long as a QuestBridge, Common or Coalition Application has been submitted by the deadline (QuestBridge will forward Finalist QuestBridge applications for students opting to use those in Regular Decision).

Financial Aid

I am not a US Citizen, do I have to complete the FAFSA and CSS Profile?

Only candidates who identify as US Citizens or Eligible Noncitizens need to complete the FAFSA. All candidates must complete the CSS Profile. Both are available beginning October 1st and should be submitted using the IDOC site.

I’m applying for the College Match. Do I select Early Decision or Regular Decision on the CSS Profile?

Make sure to select “Early Decision” when completing the CSS Profile for the College Match.

I do not have contact with one of my parents. Do I have to submit their financial information?

If you do not have any contact with your non-custodial parent, you may submit a request to waive the requirement of their financial information by submitting the Non-Custodial Waiver Form.

What does it take to maintain the scholarship?

Students are expected to remain in good academic standing throughout their time at Rice which requires maintaining a minimum 2.8 gpa and upholding the Rice Honor System. You must also remember to submit the necessary financial aid documents like the FAFSA, CSS Profile, and tax returns each year.

Will I receive less financial aid if I don’t match with Rice University during the College Match?

Rice University meets 100% of demonstrated need through a combination of scholarship awards and work study based on the information submitted in your financial aid documents. Therefore, financial aid packages we are able to provide to non-College Match students are very similar to their College Match counterparts.





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