Introducing the Application Advice Series


If you’re a senior, you might already be thinking about college application season. Beyond getting materials together, asking your teachers for recommendations and connecting with other students on how their progress is going, you’re probably looking for some advice on what to put in your application. Should you list every activity, or just the ones where you had a leadership position? Does a paper route count as a job? What should I write about in my essays?

We know students continually ask themselves these questions, which is why we’ve created the Application Advice Series. Developed by our very own admission counselors, we’re giving you all the advice you need coming directly from the people who read every single application. And that’s not even the best part. This advice doesn’t apply only to Rice University - you can use it for any admission application. Join us as we pull the curtain back just a little bit on the application process. 

Part I: A Guide Through Your Admission Application

As you start to consider the many components of the application, you’ll want to think about the best way you can share your interests, activities and goals for your future. We cover how you can do this, highlighting topics such as activity/community involvement, your academic history, honors/recognitions and essay writing.

Part II: What We Look For In Your Application

Learn more about the evaluation process at Rice as we review the application components and explain in depth what goes into our contextual review process.

Part III: A Case Study

Take on the role of an admission officer in this session where we review example applications, known as a case study. You’ll get a closer look at how we review and consider every part of the application as well as the way we use contextual review to evaluate students.

Ready to get started? While some live sessions will be offered during the year, you can always request a recording of the Application Advice Series sessions through our registration form. Select the App Advice options and a link to the appropriate recordings will be emailed to you. 


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