Demystifying Early Decision


There are so many myths about applying Early Decision  - let’s see if we can help. Take this short true or false quiz to learn more about the truth about applying Early Decision.

True or False: Early Decision is making all your life’s decisions early.

False: Okay - maybe this was an easy one. Early Decision is a decision plan where you submit your application early and receive your decision early.

True or False: Early Decision is the same thing as Early Action.
False: Early Action is not the same thing as Early Decision. While different schools have different decision plans, at Rice we just have two: Early Decision (ED) and Regular Decision (RD). Early Decision is a decision plan for your number one school pick - you’ve already got a banner in your room and all your friends already know you want to be a Rice Owl. 

True or False: Early Decision is binding

True: The reason you choose your number one school as your Early Decision pick is because ED is binding. What does binding mean? Easy - you are committing to go to the school if accepted. So if you love everything about Rice and it’s your number one choice, it would make sense for you to apply ED, since you’re telling us it’s your number one pick simply by applying in this round.

True or False: As long as I submit my application by November 1, I’ve applied for Early Decision. 

False: Actually, students who apply Early Decision also have to indicate on their chosen application that they are choosing to apply ED. In addition, students applying to ED have to submit an Early Decision Agreement. This is an agreement that you, your parents, and your high school counselor all sign indicating you’re on the same page and confirming that you’ll come to Rice if accepted.

True or False: You can’t apply to more than one school for Early Decision.

True: Because Early Decision is a binding decision plan, you can’t apply to more than one. However, you can apply to as many schools as you’d like for decision plans that aren’t binding such as Regular Decision and Early Action. If admitted, you can then withdraw your application for the other schools and let everyone know you’re a Rice Owl.

True or False: You receive your financial aid at the same time as your admission decision - as long as you apply for financial aid in time.
True: Financial aid materials are due November 15, and as long as you meet that deadline and you’re eligible for financial aid, you won’t need to wait to see your package. Students are also considered for all of our merit scholarships if they apply ED. Just a note - regardless of your financial aid package, you’re still agreeing to come to Rice, so keep that in mind if you’re considering applying for ED. We even have a handy tool to help you estimate your financial aid.

So now that we’ve dispelled all the myths and gotten all the facts straight, why should you apply ED? Well, that’s the easy question - even though you have to get all your materials in by November 1, that also means you get a decision by the end of the first semester of your senior year. This means for the spring, you’ll have time to focus on everything else - finishing off your classes, leading your clubs to success and making memories with your friends before heading off to college. 

Don’t wait - ED applications must be completed by November 1. Head over to our website to nail down everything you need for the application.


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