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One of the most important things about submitting a college application may be something you didn’t really think of - keeping track of everything that you need to submit. It can be a lot! So, as our gift to you, here’s our explainer for everything you need to submit to Rice University (pro-tip: everything on this list is also on our website!). We’ll break these down into three categories: things most people need to submit, things that you need to submit depending on specific factors, and things that are optional to submit.

This is obviously the bulk of what you need to submit - the application itself. There’s a lot to it, so be sure to take plenty of time filling this out. Not to mention you have choices - you can use the Common Application or you can use Coalition Powered by Scoir (and a Scoir account is free for students!). We don’t have a preference, so if you like using one over the other, go right ahead!

Rice Supplement
The Rice Supplement will be bundled with whichever application platform you use and is an extra set of questions about Rice specifically. The questions are listed on our website, so even if you’re still working on other parts of the application you can start on a rough draft.

Application Fee
The application fee is $75.00 and you can either pay it through the application platform you use (Common or Coalition Application), or you can pay it after you’ve submitted your application and you receive access to your Rice Admission Student Portal. Just don’t forget about it!

You’ll want to be sure to request this early - your school will be processing lots of transcripts for lots of students, so be sure to connect with your school administrators to make sure your transcript gets to us! 

Recommendation Letters
This might take the most time - asking your teachers and counselors for letters of recommendation. Be sure to plan ahead so you can provide your recommenders enough time to write a thoughtful letter. 

Rice Box
We start our unique traditions early, which is why we ask all our students applying to submit an image for “The Box.” This is a picture that shares something about yourself aside from what you’ve shared in the application and what you have achieved. You can submit this photo through the Common or Coalition Application or in your Rice Admission Student Portal. Don’t overthink it - no one knows you better than you, so share that with us!

Okay, we’ve covered the main things that everyone has to submit. However, there are additional things that you need to turn in depending on some factors:

  • Early Decision Agreement: If you’re applying Early Decision, you’ll need to turn in this form, which needs to be signed by you, your parents and your high school counselor. 
  • Architecture Portfolio: Students who are applying to the School of Architecture must submit a portfolio of work alongside their application.
  • Shepherd School of Music Materials: Students applying to the Shepherd School of Music must submit additional materials directly to the Shepherd School Office of Music Admissions - see more on their website.
  • Demonstration of English proficiency for international students: Applicants whose first language is not English can demonstrate English proficiency in a couple of ways, so be sure to check the website for how applicants can do that.
  • International Student Financial Statement: The International Student Financial Statement is a document international students must submit alongside their application and should include supporting financial documentation. You’ll find this on the Rice Admission Student Portal once you submit your application.
  • Transfer Materials: Most of the things listed are also required for transfer students, but be sure to submit both your Official Final High School Transcript as well as your current college transcript. We’ll also need a form called the College Report which can be completed by a school official such as a dean of students.  

Finally, there are a few things that are optional for students to complete:

For the next two years, Rice will accept ACT and SAT scores as an optional part of the application, so if you’re applying in the 2021-2022 or 2022-2023 application cycle, that means you. Some tests require signing up ahead of time, so if you intend to submit scores be sure to allow time to sign-up and to study - you’ve got this!

Rice offers interviews with current Rice students and Rice alumni, which applicants will need to request ahead of time, so plan ahead for this one as well. While we try to interview as many students as possible, we can’t guarantee that we’ll get to interview every applicant, so keep in mind if you can’t schedule an interview it won’t negatively impact your application. 

Art portfolio
Students applying to Art within the School of Humanities can submit an optional portfolio to show off their creative work. This portfolio is not required, and keep in mind that you don’t have to submit a portfolio to be considered. 

Whew! This sounds like a lot of stuff, but remember, we’re trying to get to know you, and that requires a lot of reading up to do. And keep in mind, once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll get access to your Rice Admission Student Portal which has its own mini-checklist. Get started today by visiting our website to go over all the deadlines and read more about any of the things listed here. 


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