Gap Year

Requesting a Gap Year

At Rice, we understand the value of a gap year and support students seeking a formative, meaningful experience outside the classroom before beginning their college education. Gap year activities come in many forms including military service, extended travel abroad, research and internships, community service, or working to earn money. Successful gap year proposals demonstrate clear intent with goals and a plan that will make the candidate a better student when they arrive on campus. Whether the gap year takes the form of a single year-long pursuit or participation in multiple opportunities over the course of a year, the experience should be a time for personal enrichment.

Admitted freshmen who wish to request a gap year should submit a detailed plan in writing describing exactly how they will spend their year away and confirming their understanding that they do not intend to enroll or apply to any other college or university during their gap year. Gap year requests must be submitted electronically. Use your Rice Admission Student Portal to access the form.

If your gap year plan is approved, your non-refundable enrollment deposit will reserve your space in the class. In addition, you must confirm in writing that you have withdrawn all active applications at the schools to which you were admitted or wait listed this year.

Admitted transfer students are not eligible for gap year consideration.





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