Before O-Week, I had never been to Houston or set foot on campus, so everything was new and exciting and nerve-racking. When I woke up Sunday morning to move in, I wasn’t particularly ready by any means. I got up really early and was double checking in my head that I had everything I needed. I was so nervous to the point that my stomach had hurt driving through campus to make it to Exit 21 to get to my newfound home, Duncan College. I didn’t believe what everyone had said about O-Week. I had my doubts for sure, but when I pulled up to the curb and unloaded my stuff people were yelling my name and welcoming me with open arms.

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Current students cheer on the newest members of the Owl Family

“... I can safely say that I have a newfound family at Duncan College and at Rice University.”

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  • Gabby Acosta
  • Jack Griffith
  • Aziza Janmohamed
  • Chloe Oani
  • Neha Agrawal
  • Pamela McInturff
  • Emily Felsen
  • Channing Wang
  • Toni Garcia Robles
  • Zach Ogie
  • Victor Nguyen
  • Taren Smith

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