Bayou City Art Festival


A young volunteer for the art festival uses sticks and rope to create a huge bubble in front of the backdrop of the buildings in downtown Houston.
Bubbles! Activities were available for people of all ages.
Rice student Julie poses next to two pieces of outdoor art made of metal that look like flowers and are taller than her (approximately 7-8 ft high).
Rice student posing with one of the outdoor pieces of art.
Alex Grimmer, an artist who creates images of music artists and album covers using vinyl records, stands next to his large piece of Jimi Hendrix.
Alex Grimmer creates artwork using vinyl records.
Artwork made from vinyl; on the left is Pink Floyd with the image from their album Dark Side of the Moon. On the right is a recreation of the album cover for Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster.
Fun fact: One of his most recent customers was Kanye West.
Close up picture of a strawberry snow cone and two different types of mangonadas.
Food trucks galore! There were plenty of dining options, including barbeque.
A picture of the profile of a Rice student looking at a case with pottery on display.
Art of many forms and mediums, such as this booth filled with pottery, was on display.
The artist, Neil Russell, a black man, faces his artwork and points as he explains more about what inspired his art, which is made from fragments of glass and resin.
This artist, Neil Russell, creates his pieces from fragments of glass and resin.
The artist, Julio Garcia, stands in front of his paintings, which are abstract portraits painted with primary colors.
The festival was bursting with colors - this artist, Julio Garcia, stands with his colorful canvases.
Artist Gregory Arth posing with his hands out in front of his art, which are large cityscapes.
Gregory Arth uses computer parts in his cityscapes.
A picture of one of the booths at the art festival, with two large canvases of abstract art (one blue and one orange/red) along with a smaller framed piece of abstract art.
The art scene in Houston is vibrant and diverse, as shown by the different types of media we saw. This was a picture of the artist Scott Swezy's booth, who creates abstract art.
Pictures of art propped up against the booth of Kim Eubank.
The sun shines in Houston about 200 days a year, and on the day we went the sun was very warm and illuminated some of the booths, such as this booth from artist Kim Eubank.
Artist Jeribai Andrew-Jaja stands in front of his art, which are hyper-realistic portraits.
These may look like photographs, but don't be fooled! They are actually drawings.
Hilda Rueda, an artist, smiles and poses in front of one of her pieces of art.
This artist, Hilda Rueda, actually asked us to model for her paintings!
A picture of artist Jay Long's booth with a variety of pieces of his work. His work is surreal portraits that are mixed media oil paint over collaged text from found books.
A few pieces by Jay Long, an artist who is originally from Houston but currently lives in Austin, TX.

One of the best parts of living in a city like Houston is how many things there are to do. Students can attend events like the Bayou City Art Festival and connect with the local culture and artists, and Ayla and Julie had a great time walking around all the art booths!

A photo of two Rice students looking at pottery on a shelf inside one of the booths from the art festival.
A day at the Bayou City Art Festival

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