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Being a Rice Owl means using our unconventional wisdom beyond the classroom. Rice students pride themselves on being not only an integral part of campus life but also beyond the hedges. Whether it’s spearheading critical environmental projects or advocating for marginalized communities, Rice Owls understand the importance of using our capabilities for social good. With that, here’s a spotlight on some of the many clubs on campus that are effectively impacting the Houston community and beyond. 

Pancakes for Parkinson’s

Rice Pancakes for Parkinson's, or P4P, is a student-run organization that raises money for Parkinson's research and outreach through the Michael J. Fox Foundation and Houston Area Parkinson Society. From hosting their annual pancake breakfast featuring foods around the globe to organizing panels with medical professionals and researchers, P4P is actively raising awareness about Parkinson’s disease both on and off campus. The club also features a P4P Volunteers Program through which they engage with Rice undergraduate students, Parkinson’s patients, and local community organizations in Houston. 

A group of students serving the breakfast items at the Pancakes for Parkinson's event smiles for a picture.
Image credit: Rice P4P
One female student wearing gloves serves breakfast food to another female student holding out her plate.
Image credit: Rice P4P

PAIR or Partnership for the Advancement and Immersion of Refugees

PAIR empowers refugee youth to navigate American society, reach their academic potential, and become community leaders through educational and mentoring programs. Founded at Rice in 2006, the non-profit began to develop chapters at other university campuses to serve a larger number of young refugees in need in Houston. Program sessions for refugee youth have already expanded to 8 per week and PAIR now serves between 200 and 300 refugee youth annually with an equal number of volunteers. 

Period @ RICE 

Period @ Rice is a menstrual equity club that works to serve and advocate for menstruators on Rice's campus and beyond. The club hosts menstrual product donation drives, panels, letter writing to representatives and engaging campus activities. Known for their “packing parties,” Period @ Rice will attract students from all over campus with boba tea or study breaks and encourage students to create “period packs” to donate to underserved communities. Policymakers and social justice leaders are also invited regularly to club meetings to discuss the many topics under menstrual equity. 

Rice Coalition on Hunger & Homelessness

Rice Coalition on Hunger & Homelessness, better known as Coalition Rice, develops service and advocacy programs for the homeless and economically disadvantaged of Houston. Through a combination of direct relief efforts, long-term reincorporation projects, and on-campus educational events, Coalition Rice urges students and community members to think critically about poverty and homelessness. Sack lunch preparation, tutoring in test prep, and music concerts at the Covenant House are just a few of the many activities that the club spearheads across Houston.

RISE or Rice Initiative for a Sustainable and Ethical Today

RISE Today is a student organization seeking to spread awareness on the importance and global impact of conscious consumerism, Fair Trade, and anti-human trafficking efforts to the Rice community. RISE Today aims to  model an ethical lifestyle for the Rice community by fostering awareness of human rights through education and fundraising.  The organization empowers us to make a lasting impact on individual lifestyles, with the goal of eventually creating layers of interactive, sustainable, and ethical communities. Through their work in the Houston community, RISE Today establishes support and interest networks through awareness and action campaigns, such as the Fair Trade Campaigns organization.

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