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Rice is committed to selecting students who are committed to “leadership across the spectrum of human endeavor." At the Doerr Institute, we are committed to providing opportunities for all students to grow their leadership to its fullest potential.

We offer a variety of programs for students to work on specific leadership competencies and grow their confidence as leaders. We have classroom-based learning, excursions to watch leaders in action, one-on-one leadership coaching, and group coaching. You do not have to be in a formal leadership role to participate with the Doerr Institute and we provide our professional leader development training to all Rice students at no cost.

Hear from a some of our Doerr students!

A selfie with students smiling and waving to the camera.
Through his experiences with Doerr, Connor H. learned how to foster and cultivate a community he never wants to leave at a Christian organization called Cru.
Four people sitting on high chairs on a stage, Connor, who is the second person from left, is holding a mic and speaking into it.
In January 2021, Connor H. was invited to speak at Cru’s Winter Conference, where he was able to share about his faith journey in front of 25+ other peer universities!

“When I was first introduced to the Doerr Institute, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of because I wanted to become a better leader. I have since led and helped cultivate growing teams in many different fields, and through the Institute, I found how I can best and better serve others.”

- Connor H., Baker ‘23

One male standing next to an art piece talking to a group of standing students who are facing him.
Students engage in an Excursion to learn from leadership experts in the industry on how to apply best practices in their own leadership journey.
Students sitting in a classroom facing the teacher at the front of the room with a tv screen behind her.
Students gather to learn from a Doerr Institute leadership coach on how to foster an environment where members of a team feel safe taking interpersonal risks.

“My favorite part about participating with the Doerr Institute has been hearing and learning from leadership experts. Leadership is an area that is rarely touched upon in undergraduate classes. Thus, I have loved every moment of participating with the Doerr Institute and gathering valuable leadership skills and knowledge that I would not have gotten otherwise.”

- Reed M., Jones ‘23

Female student is pointing to a projected screen to the left of her.
Julia S. presents to Rice students attending the annual Doerr Affiliate training day.
A group of students standing in a row, holding red popsicles and flyers while smiling at the camera.
The Doerr Institute is a great platform to make lasting friends.

“Doerr helped me meet peers and make friends during my first semester at Rice University. This was important to me because as a student who isn’t from Texas, I had no support system here when I first arrived. The Doerr Institute also pushed me to develop my confidence and leadership abilities which I have put into practice as a club president for Rice UNICEF and HEALAR.”

- Julia S., Wiess ‘23

Students smiling at the camera in an outdoor courtyard.
Paulina L. holds multiple leadership positions across campus, including being on the Executive Board of Period at Rice.
Students at the Doerr booth standing around and chatting with one another.
Outside of the leadership programs, students can proactively elevate their leadership skills while helping their peers explore how they want to lead as a Student Affiliate.

“The Doerr Institute allowed me to become fully proactive about developing my leadership skills above the high-school level leading abilities with no excuses. Through learning more about myself and others, I have managed to develop my own personal leadership growth strategy and learned how to apply acquired leadership qualities even in the spaces where I am not holding any formal leadership roles.”

- Paulina L., Brown ‘25

We can’t wait to help you grow as a leader!

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Female standing and speaking next to the Rice Doerr sign.
Doerr Overview Video

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