#Study Abroad


What if you could get a first-hand
look at life at Rice

  • Xavier always had a passion for learning languages, and he wanted to make sure he could continue this interest once he came to Rice. Sure enough, Rice offered him a plethora of resources and opportunities to improve the languages he already knew and learn new languages.

  • At Rice, we encourage students to explore their academic interests across borders through study abroad. With over 200 programs across all seven continents (including Antarctica), there are plenty of options for students to explore that may not be offered at Rice. Read along to hear about Devika's experience at Milan Fashion Week during her program this semester!

  • Experiences abroad can be extremely rewarding, as Zach Zelman found through his internship this past summer in Paris, France. We asked him a few questions to learn more about what he worked on and his incredible experience working in the heart of Paris. 

  • Rice students who pursue experiences abroad don’t always just take classes - sometimes they use their skills volunteering for nonprofits, dedicating their time and expertise to organizations doing amazing things  across the globe. Learn more about the projects these Owls worked on abroad this past summer.

  • Study abroad experiences can be more than simply taking class in a different country, as Drew found out during her trip to Cosa, Italy, where she worked on an archeological dig as part of the Program in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations. Read more about what she enjoyed most about the experience as well as how valuable it was to her future endeavors.

  • Study abroad can be a life-changing experience for students, and Rice has so many programs to choose from. Learn more about Linda's time studying abroad as she shares her favorite parts about living and learning in Pamplona, Spain with the Rice in Country program.






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