What if you could get a first-hand
look at life at Rice

  • Rice students hand out beads during Houstons Pride Parade
    Rice University students hand out beads during Houstons Pride Parade through downtown.
  • Rice students celebrate Pride by participating in the Houston Pride Parade
    Rice University celebrates Pride with their students in the 45th Houston Pride Parade, one of the biggest in the US.
  • A guest views the table of love by JooYoung Choi
    A guest views "The Table of Love" by JooYoung Choi at the opening reception for "Love and Wondervision"
  • Love and Wondervision, a new art installation at the Moody center for the arts
    A new exhibition by JooYoung Choi is opened at the Moody Center for the Arts called "Love and Wondervision"
  • A Rice graduate celebrates with their diploma
    Rice graduates shake hands with the president and are presented with their diplomas before a fireworks show celebrating all of the achievements of the graduating class.
  • Rice grads pose as they walk through Rice University's stadium for graduation
    Rice graduates make their way to Rice stadium to hold their commencement ceremony that will end with fireworks!
  • It is Rice tradition for new graduates to walk through the sallyport of Lovett hall.
    As a Rice tradition, new graduates get to walk out of Lovett Hall's sallyport for the first time since they joined.
  • Admitted students at owl days play games at the end of the day
    At the end of Owl days, admitted students got to hang out and have a chance to participate in a FITQ where they watched student performances, played games, and had ice cream!
  • Students and families take a tour of Rice's campus during owl days
    During Owl days, admitted students are given tours around campus by Rice students and get an up close look at what campus life at Rice is like!
  • Admitted students visit Rice's campus during owl days and meet Sammy the owl
    Admitted students visit campus during Owl days to have an opportunity to get an in-person taste of life at Rice.
  • A musical performance during Africayé! The Musical
    Held at Stude concert hall for the first time, the Rice community came to fill the seats and celebrate a night of African culture.
  • Two students performing in Africayé! The Musical
    In Africayé! The Musical, held several performances, food, and a fashion show all directed, written, and performed by students.




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