What if you could get a first-hand
look at life at Rice

  • Two students smile for a picture as they hold large banners that say Lovett College and Baker College respectively.
    For one final, bittersweet tradition, the graduating presidents from Lovett and Baker colleges lead their seniors on one last walk to commencement.
  • Two students wearing traditional graduation clothing share a fierce bear hug after graduation.
    Our uniquely accepting community means that you will not only have a fun and fulfilling student experience, but that you'll find a lifelong community of support that lasts long after graduation.
  • A female student wearing traditional leis as well as traditional graduation gear smiles for a picture at the graduation ceremony
    Rice’s graduation ceremony, celebrates all of the accomplishments of our students, recognizing where they came from and their bright future that lies ahead.
  • A female Rice student performs on stage with Mariachi Luna Llena, Rice's mariachi band.
    The end of the semester brings lots of performances for students to attend, including Mariachi Luna Llena, Rice's very own mariachi band.
  • A picture of a large, white fluffy dog laying on the ground in Rice's library as a student who sits cross-legged behind the dog pets her.
    During finals, students had the opportunity to take a break from studying by visiting therapy dogs in the library! This is a study break many Rice students look forward to each semester.
  • A close up picture of canvas shoes worn by an alumna, Tamara Siler, that are decorated with her graduation year and other Rice iconography.
    Owl Days is always a great time for students to come to students and even meet alumni who love showing off their Rice spirit in unique ways like with these decorated shoes!
  • Students wearing traditional African clothing perform a dance at 2022's Africayé.
    This year, the theme for Africayé was "An Evening in Africa," and performances from students were inspired by their community's stories of truly magical nights in Africa.
  • A Black, female Rice student holds a microphone and her phone as she performs at 2022's Africayé.
    Each year, the Rice African Student Association invites students to attend Africayé, a collection of performances celebrating the African Diaspora.
  • Three male Rice students smile and pose for a picture in the stands of a Houston Rockets game, with the basketball court behind them.
    Rice students were able to make it out for a Rice night hosted by the Houston Rockets, our professional basketball team!
  • Two female Rice students pose for a picture from the Y2K party, and the picture is edited to look like a polaroid.
    This social event is a Rice favorite since students get to dress up and blast music from the early 2000's.
  • Two male Rice students smile for the camera, and the picture is edited to look like a polaroid.
    Each year, Rice students like to get down like it's the beginning of the millennium once more for a Y2K-themed party!
  • Three students hold out sticks with marshmallows on them over a grill to make s'mores.
    At the North Colleges Block Party, all of the students at the North Colleges (Brown, Jones, Martel, McMurtry, ) were invited to socialize and even toast marshmallows!




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