Rice Celebrates Pride Month

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A group of Rice students wearing rainbow tie-dyed shirts, beads and glow necklaces smile for a picture at Houston's Pride Parade in 2022.
A Rice student holds up a sign they brought to hold in the parade that says "Treat people with kindness."
Two Rice participants smile for a picture before they start walking in the parade.
The entire group of parade participants from the Rice community poses for a picture in front of the Houston skyline.
Parade watchers at the Houston Pride Parade hold a Pride flag open and smile for the picture.
One of the parade watchers blows bubbles at in support of parade participants while another holds their hands up in the shape of a heart.
A group of students at the Houston Pride Parade smile while one student does the Rice Owls sign with her hand.
Two students wearing Rice Pride shirts walk along the parade route holding a sign that says Everyone Welcome in the pride flag colors.
Three parade watchers cheer for the Rice parade participants.
Three students from Rice sit facing away from the camera with the Houston skyline in the background.
A member of the Rice community walking in the parade waves at the parade watchers and holds up a fan that says "Pride."

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