Student-Led Health Initiatives at Rice University


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Established in 1995, Rice University Emergency Medical Services (REMS) strives to provide the Rice community with quality emergency medical care. REMS seeks to accomplish this goal through rapid response to calls for emergency service, standby coverage at special events, education of the Rice community, and a commitment to compassionate patient care, quality improvement, and professionalism. Additionally, REMS provides coverage during many university events to ensure the safety of the community. These include varsity athletic games, university social events, and college-sponsored public parties. REMS also works in conjunction with the Rice University Police Department, Houston Fire Department, and Harris County Emergency Corps to provide patients with continuous care and transport patients who need more intensive care to the nearby Texas Medical Center. In 1996, REMS began offering a for-credit EMT certification course. In 1998, the Advanced EMT certification course was added, and REMS became an ALS service in 2006. REMS now offers an EMS research and leadership course for incoming incharge leadership teams. In addition, REMS is also licensed to provide its EMTs with continuing education to maintain their high level of clinical competency—they offer 50-75 hours of this training annually, and close to 2000 hours of training are earned by REMS members each year!

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The Rice Alliance for Mental Health Awareness (RAMHA) is a student organization at Rice University dedicated to reshaping the conversation surrounding mental health. Committed to diminishing the stigma associated with mental health disorders, RAMHA strives to foster open and positive discussions that educate, enlighten and empower the Rice community. The organization focuses on dispelling misinformation surrounding mental health and eliminating the shame often wrongly associated with common illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders and eating disorders. RAMHA hosts a variety of events that provide a platform for students to engage in discussions on diverse mental health topics with both peers and professionals, creating a supportive environment for learning and sharing experiences. Open to all students, RAMHA emphasizes inclusivity and offers opportunities for education on mental health while providing a space for destressing. Through its initiatives, RAMHA aims to contribute to a more informed and compassionate community at Rice University with regard to mental health issues.

Wellbeing Wednesday at Holistic Gardens
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Residential Health Advisors (RHAs) are students who have been trained on a variety of wellbeing topics such as conflict resolution, body image, and academic stress and anxiety, just to name a few These students work to provide health education opportunities, health supplies, and peer guidance to fellow students at their residential college. RHAs act as a liaison between the Student Wellbeing Office and the residential colleges, staying up to date on campus-wide wellbeing programming. Having taken a semester-long course to prepare for this role, RHAs are committed to fellow students with physical and mental wellbeing needs. 

These are just a few of the wellbeing and health initiatives led by Rice Owls that promote our Culture of Care!


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