Valentine's Day Celebrations Across the Residential Colleges


The heart of Rice University's residential colleges lies in the dedicated team of adults known as the "A-Team." Beyond academic support, the A-Team is a multifaceted force, offering emotional and social support to enrich every student's journey. Their role extends beyond textbooks, providing a comforting presence during challenges and fostering a vibrant social atmosphere within each college. 

Now, as we explore the Valentine's Day traditions within these residential colleges, it's important to recognize the integral role the A-Team plays. From academic guidance to emotional support and community-building, their commitment sets the stage for the unique and nurturing experiences that define Rice University. Let's dive into the events orchestrated by the A-Team, highlighting their efforts to connect with students and create memorable Valentine's Day celebrations.

bonnie stroman
Students Celebrate Valentine's Day with Associates

Bonnie Stroman (Martel College)

Martel College coordinator Bonnie Stroman loves to decorate her office according to the season. For February, she decorates her office and the mailroom with Valentine’s decor. These decorations always put a smile on students’ faces and make them feel at home. 

Tamara Jones (McMurtry College)
At McMurtry, Resident Associate Tamara Jones hosted a card-making and cupcake study break for Valentine’s Day. The event included stationery, pens, washi tape, and other accessories for Murts to use. They could then get a cupcake for themselves and for their card recipient. Lots of Murts made cards for other Murts (including a pair who made cards for their entire O-Week group), but many made cards to mail to out-of-state loved ones. The event was named the Strawberry Valentine Study Break because most of the cupcakes were strawberry flavored (with some vegan options as well!). 

students sit on coach at associate's study break
goodies and treats at assoicates study break

Faten Tayeh (Martel College)

Martel College Resident Associate Faten Tayeh loves to share her favorite hobbies with students, including soapmaking! One of her most popular events is soap making in the Martel kitchen. In honor of Valentine’s Day, her soap making session was enhanced with Valentine’s motifs and scents, including flower molds and petals. Students really enjoy the chance to decompress with the aromatherapy and work with their hands to create a beautiful finished product.

Soap making activity

Kasey Leigh Yearty (Sid Richardson College)

At Sid Richardson College, Resident Associate Kasey Leigh Yearty hosts monthly events called Make-and-Takes. During these events, students swing by the RA apartment to make a specific dish or treat with her, and they make enough so that there's plenty to take home afterwards. They've made everything from lasagna, to gnocchi, to layered cakes, to charcuterie cups. Yearty's favorite part about hosting these events is hearing about students' experiences in the kitchen with family and trying something new together. 

We are so thankful to the A-Team for their invaluable contributions and the ways they enrich the student experience. We are grateful for the way they embody the spirit of love and camaraderie of Rice University's residential colleges.


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