Night Market at Rice University


2022 has been an extremely fruitful year for Rice students across campus. Not only are we getting our coveted in person classes back, but our club events are finally outdoors and away from a computer screen. One highly anticipated event is the night market hosted by Rice Taiwanese Association, which involves a showcase of tasty Asian foods and snacks such as boba, rice noodles, and Calpico drinks.

“For me, the night market was a way to celebrate Taiwanese culture while providing a space for people to make and strengthen bonds with each other," Kaitlyn Liu, co president of Rice Taiwanese Club states. 

A group of male and female students from the Rice Taiwanese Association smile and pose with a neon sign that says "Rice night market" in Mandarin.
A picture of the Rice Taiwanese Association after a successful Night Market!

Beyond the beautiful lanterns and delicious food, the Night market highlights the diversity and appreciation of different cultures across Rice University. For one night, students from every background get to experience a charming peak into the Asian culture that is “home” for so many Rice students.

If you're interested in learning more about the Rice Taiwanese Association, check out their website or visit them on Instagram @ricetaiwanese.

by Camellia A., Lovett '24



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