MOBsters Head to the Bowl Game


The MOB at the tailgate
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When we call someone a MOBster on campus at Rice University, it doesn’t mean what you might think. MOBsters are a Rice institution in and of themselves. The Rice Owl Marching Band, or MOB for short, is known for its unconventional and entertaining performances and has been a consistent presence at Rice University football games. 

The MOB consists of Rice University students and community members, and is a scatter band. Unlike a traditional marching band, the MOB brings a unique and unconventional performance style to the field, and prides itself on challenging norms, playing good music, satirizing various subjects and having fun! 

MOBsters from far and wide recently traveled to Dallas this past December for the Rice football postseason matchup against Texas State at the 2023 SERVPRO First Responder Bowl. The Rice Football team concluded a remarkable inaugural season in the American Athletic Conference, finishing the regular season with a 6-6 overall record (including a 4-4 standing in conference play).

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I was really excited to meet up with everyone after our long hiatus! We were soon taken to the stands and prepared to play. In anticipation of the Owls taking the field, we sat talking to one another while eating the food we were treated to from the concession stands. This was one of my favorite experiences of the day — catching up with and meeting Rice alumni and returning band members, it highlighted the MOB's distinctive quality of welcoming family members and friends to join our shows whenever possible. The MOB is unique in that family members and friends of MOBsters are allowed to join our shows whenever possible. They learn our processes and traditions for games, and I was excited to have my friend Alissa’s parents and brother play and act in the halftime show with us!

It ended up being a real nail-bitter of a game. The Rice Football team gave it their all, but luck wasn't on their side. It was kind of tough to watch, but they never backed down. The energy on the field was intense, fans were on the edge of their seats, and you could feel the passion in every play. At halftime, it was 24-21, with Texas State barely holding on to the lead. The Owls had their moments of brilliance, and you could sense a comeback in the air. The final score ended up being 45-21, not exactly what the Owls were hoping for, but they definitely left it all out on the field. 

The MOBsters made the day truly unforgettable, turning an ordinary football game into a celebration of togetherness and shared joy.


-Nimah S., Hanszen '26


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