A Day In The Life Of An Off-Campus Student


Andrew reading/ having breakfast
Andrew in Class

8:00 am - Wake up. I brewed a strong cup of coffee to kick-start my day and got caught up on the last part of my assigned reading for my seminar later this afternoon. I was reading 2 chapters of Arne West’s “The Cold War,'' in case you’re a history buff!

11:00-2:00 pm -I went to my seminar on American Foreign Policy During the Cold War Period, with Dr. Sayuri Shimizu. This class is really interactive and discussion-based (it’s my favorite class this semester), and since it’s over lunch, I typically bring food from the Servery and eat during class. (It’s a good thing I live across the street from campus because I was running a little late this morning.)

Andrew at the rec pool
Andrew at the rec

3:00 pm - I met up with some of my teammates on the Rice Club Water Polo team to get an afternoon swim set in at the Rec Center’s pool. It's the off season, so practices are pretty laid back all spring. 

4:00 pm - Since I was already at the Rec, I stayed after and did some weights.

Andrew Skateboarding
Martel Commons

4:45 pm - I skateboarded from the Rec to the North Colleges (where my home college of Martel is) to grab some dinner.

7:00 pm - I went to Martel and picked up some dinner at North Servery. Wednesday night is our college’s weekly Parliament Session — our weekly general meeting of the college student government. I’m the Treasurer and tonight I presented a big semester update of our college's finances. We voted on $2,500 of money requests for fun, engaging activities to be hosted at Martel this month. 

10:00 pm - After Parliament I went to Willy’s Pub under the student center to get a pint and join the poker tournament going on tonight. It was a valiant effort but unfortunately I did not come out on top. I met up with some of my housemates and friends from other colleges and stayed until around 12am. After, it was time to go home and I walked back and was in bed by 12:30!


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