A Day in the Life: REMS


Many Rice students find ways to serve their communities, but one that's particularly rewarding is joining REMS, or Rice EMS. These are volunteer positions as student EMS providers, donating their time to enhance the safety and quality of campus life at Rice University. These students complete a course and go through strict training in order to serve campus, since REMS is a state-licensed EMS agency. So whether it's answering a call from someone who twisted their ankle on a curb and needs some help getting to a doctor, or being available at football games to support the safety of all attendees, students who volunteer for REMS contribute to the health and overall wellbeing of all students on campus. 

Knowing how unique and crucial this role is, we asked Anthony, who is Incharge Captain of REMS and a senior at Hanszen, to (safely) take a few pictures to showcase what an average shift might look like. Check out his day!

A group of Rice students wearing clothes that identify them as emergency services lean over the back of a trunk filled with gear for rendering emergency care.
Shift Change: starting the day by checking our equipment so everything is ready for service.
One student sits in an office chair to observe another student who is sitting on the floor with a fire extinguisher and an open bag filled with equipment.
Observer Orientation: welcoming new members to REMS and helping them learn the daily routine.
A picture of a large white suburban that says EMS parked on the side of Rice inner loop street, and behind it are two empty golf carts that also say EMS on the side.
On Scene: REMS responders staging for an emergency call on the inner loop.
On the right side of the photo, Anthony, a Rice student, stands right next to an open trunk filled with gear for rendering emergency services.
Debrief: reviewing a medical call to discuss what we did well and what we can do better as a team.
A group photo of two Rice students who are part of REMS and emergency services smiling at a table.
InCharge Meeting: weekly leadership meeting to plan for future events and tackle personnel and budget needs across different functional areas.
In the background of the photo, Anthony sits with a wire stuck on his arm that is attached to a monitor, pictured in the foreground, taking his vitals.
Training: teaching new members how to take vitals and manage patients using the cardiac monitor.
A picture taken at night time of two large white suburbans parked on a street with their blue and red emergency lights on.
Late Night Call: REMS supervisors responding to a late-night emergency call.

From Anthony's bio:

Anthony, originally from Cary, NC, is a senior at Hanszen College majoring in Neuroscience. He is currently in his third year of service with REMS and holds the positions of Incharge (AEMT) and Captain. Among his duties are to oversee all of REMS' patient care and to support the other Lieutenants.


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