Cultural Identity Clubs on Campus


Situated in the most diverse city in America, we are definitely not short of diversity on campus either. This article highlights just a few of the many cultural identity student organizations at Rice, bringing in representation from all over the world.

A group of Black Student Association members situated in three rows, with the first row of people sitting down.
Students forming a dance circle at a Black Student Association event.

Black Student Association 

Since its inception, Rice’s Black Student Association (BSA) has worked tirelessly to advocate for and support the Black community at Rice. Additionally, BSA offers endless opportunities for all members of the Rice community to get involved in outreach, social and cultural events. The mission of the Black Student Association (BSA) at Rice University is to provide a support network for the Black community at Rice and to provide cultural enrichment for the campus and the community at large.

Group of students wearing white garments, sitting on the stage with one students singing into the mic and others playing instruments.
Several students in a jumping pose wearing traditional south asian outfits.

South Asian Society

The South Asian Society, known as SAS, is a student organization that provides South Asian cultural enrichment to the Rice community and provides a platform for students to explore their South Asian identity. Membership is open to the entire student body where various cultural events, guest speakers, and other programs allow our members to share the South Asian experience with Rice University — and beyond. One of SAS’s biggest events is Dhamaka, the club’s annual cultural showcase, which includes dances, poetry, and other art forms!

Five students sitting on a stage playing traditional Korean drums.
Three students dressed in different types of traditional Korean outfits.

Korean Student Association

Rice University’s Korean Student Association (KSA) is a cultural club striving to introduce a taste of Korean culture to Rice’s student body.  Whether it be through regular restaurant trips, scrumptious study breaks, or cultural events like LNY (Lunar New Year), KSA promotes cultural diversity and bonding for its members.

A male singing into a microphone while holding a trumpet and wearing a traditional mariachi outfit. Three violinists are behind him playing the violin.
A smiling female playing the guitar, wearing a traditional mariachi outfit.

Hispanic Association Cultural Enrichment at Rice

Established in 1972, the Hispanic Association for Cultural Enrichment at Rice (HACER) is one of the most visible organizations for Hispanics and students of Latin American descent on campus. They offer many opportunities for all members of the Rice community  to enjoy such as cultural, educational, service, outreach, and social activities.

Five female dancers with bright neon pink and green fans forming a circle with the fans.
Four female dancers posing wit fans behind a white sheet with light shining behind them for audience to see a shadow of the dancers.

Chinese Student Association

The Rice Chinese Student Association (CSA) seeks to promote social, cultural, and political awareness of Chinese heritage, traditions, and issues in the Rice and Houston communities. Focusing on Chinese traditions and customs, they provide within the bounds of Rice University, a venue for students interested in Chinese culture to bond and interact. As the oldest Asian organization on campus, the CSA exists to unite all other Asian organizations on campus.

A group of students, some wearing traditional African outfits, cheering during a show.
Several student dressed in white traditional African outfits dancing on a stage.

Rice African Student Association

The mission of the Rice African Student Association (RASA) is to actively promote the diverse cultures, histories, and nuances found on the African continent through events and collaborations with like-minded groups and individuals. They strive to provide a network of support for all members, linking them to other students, alumni, faculty, and leaders in the community as needed. Finally, they support each other in academics, athletics, and all social aspects of life, truly exuding the essence of the RASA family.

- Naman D., McMurtry '24 & Devika J., Martel '24


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