Rice Cultural Showcases: Across the Globe


South Asian Society (SAS): Dhamaka
Dhamaka is Rice South Asian Society's annual cultural showcase, displaying a variety of music, dance, spoken word and food from all across South Asia. This school year’s Dhamaka theme was Dha-MOCK SHAADI. Hosted in the Rice Memorial Center’s Grand Hall, SAS’ theme encompassed the vibrant diversity of South Asian cultures through a mock wedding. From mesmerizing dances and heartfelt singing to traditional cuisines and engaging games, this event immersed attendees in the essence of South Asian weddings.

Dhamaka 2

Chinese Student Association (CSA) and Vietnamese Student Association (VSA): Lunar New Year 

The 2024 Lunar New Year Showcase, produced by the Chinese Student Association and the Vietnamese Student Association, featured K-pop numbers, singing, lion dances and other traditional performances.


Lunar New Year
Lunar New Year
LNY Dance
LNY Crowd

Black Student Association (BSA): Soul Night

Held during Black History Month every year, the Black Student Association (BSA) puts on Soul Night to provide cultural enlightenment for the campus and the community at large. Through food, dances, skits, singing, and so much more, Owls have the unique opportunity to learn more about the black community and their history and culture. All performances are strung together by a central premise or situation. This year’s showcase featured the fictional Faith Jade, the headliner of the annual Soul Night Awards. She arrives late and unprepared, causing a stir amongst her friends and the media. As her agent attempts to calm the storm, he finds himself on the wrong side of a life changing deal. This play explores the balance of sacrifice, empathy, and power.


Soul Night

Hispanic Association for Cultural Enrichment at Rice (HACER): ¡Ritmo! 

HACER’s annual cultural showcase is known as ¡Ritmo!
“Ritmo” is the Spanish word for “rhythm,” and that’s just what you’re sure to feel at this annual showcase. ¡Ritmo! featured an evening of food, song, and dance as HACER celebrated Hispanic and Latin-American culture with the Rice community. From reggaeton to mariachi, Folklorico to rap, this show had something for everyone.

Mariachi SInger
Ritmo SInger
Ritmo Dancers
Ritmo Drummer

Rice African Student Association (RASA): Africayé 

The Rice African Student Association hosts Africayé: an annual cultural showcase immersed in African culture and history. This year’s theme was Africayé Night Live, RASA’s rendition of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. The event featured comedy, music, dance, spoken word, fashion, and acting with captivating performances from Rice’s undergraduate community and local talent. In the days leading up to the showcase, RASA organized a week full of fun events including an Arts and Crafts Mini Showcase to tap into students’ creativity, a Game Night to win special prizes, and a Social Media Day to show off cultural outfits.


Ethiopian Coffee

Rice Korean Student Association (KSA) & Rice Korean International Student Association (KISA): Korean Culture Night

To celebrate the Korean Lunar New Year, the Rice Korean International Student Association (KISA) and the Korean Student Association (KSA) hosted Korean Culture Night. The event featured interactive booths with bracelet-making, K-Pop random play dance, traditional games, and Korean snacks. The second half was  a comprehensive show with performances from talented Rice students, who prepared K-pop dances and songs, Taekwondo demonstrations, and a band performance. The ticket also included a packaged meal from Seoul Garden!


KSA Group
KSA Crowd

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