Culture of Care in Action

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If you've been learning more about Rice, you may have heard about our Culture of Care. It's one of the main aspects of life at Rice that sets us apart from a lot of schools. Students find multiple ways to form and support their communities throughout their time here, but one of our favorite ways happens around Thanksgiving. Because Thanksgiving break is short, some students who aren't from around Rice either can't make it home or choose not to go home - often, the magisters* decide to host their own celebration, right in their homes on campus.

For Dr. Jenifer Bratter, magister at McMurtry College, "We definitely feel a sense of gratitude for being able to host this at all. Coming out of a Covid year makes us realize how we shouldn’t take being able to come together for granted. Holidays are about people coming together and connection and it was wonderful to be able to connect with the students and give them a little piece of home."

Check out some photos one of our students, Arie O., McMurtry '24, took at the dinner hosted at the magisters' house!

*magisters: tenured faculty members who are the head of community life at their respective residential college 

A picture of Thanksgiving food spread out on a table such as pumpkin pie.
A Rice student holds a plate, looking down at it while she adds more food.
A wide shot of students eating and socializing on various couches and sitting at various tables.
Two Rice students wearing masks pose for a picture in front of one of the tables filled with food.
Three Rice students wearing masks sit on a couch and pose for a picture.
Some Rice students holding plates use spoons to get food from large containers.
A panoramic photo of all of the students that attended the McMurtry Magister's Thanksgiving dinner.

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