Rediscovery: Rice Dance Theatre's Newest Show



What does “Rediscovery” mean for Rice students?

At Rice Dance Theatre (RDT), a premier contemporary dance company at Rice University, “Rediscovery” is something that empowers all of the members. Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, RDT has not been able to present their end-of-semester showcases. Fall of 2021 marked the first show that was back in person, but many of the members had not performed for years in front of an audience. It was an exhilarating experience for many of the dancers, including myself, who were energized by the cheers of the audience as we exhibited what we had been working on all semester long.

A group of six female dancers wearing all black, contemporary dance clothes stand in a semicircle looking up with both their arms raised above their heads with a cloud of chalk above them.

“Rediscovery” is Rice Dance Theatre’s Spring 2022 show. For the first time ever, RDT has collaborated with The Shepherd School of Music to create a live music and dance experience. We have brought in professional dance teachers and choreographers around the Houston area to allow us to discover new styles of dance. “Rediscovery” allows us to experiment with different genres of music, dance, and themes through our performances. 

An all female group of six contemporary dancers pose in a line with their hands out, after throwing chalk which makes a cloud to the right of them.

We are all here to rediscover ourselves, and at Rice University, we will help you discover your fullest potential. 

If you want to learn more about Rice Dance Theatre, you can find them on Instagram @ricedancetheatre.

Written by Ida D., McMurtry ‘24 and Camellia A., Lovett ‘24


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