Rice Memories Last a Lifetime

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A group of students dressed up for an event in suits and dresses pose for a picture.
Tamara was able to explore her interest in theatre through musicals and plays, such as “Ain’t Misbehavin’” at Brown College.
A picture of a large group of students performing in a play on stage.
Doing theatre around campus was also a great way to meet friends in other residential colleges, such as this cast picture from “Hair” at Hanszen College.

Tamara Siler, Brown '87
Deputy Director of Admission

My favorite Rice memories centered around my involvement in Rice theatre, including being part of the first musical at Rice with an all-Black cast, “Ain’t Misbehavin’” at Brown College. Rice has always provided rich opportunities to be involved in theatre, long before we had the dramatic arts major that we now offer. Some of the people who appeared with me on stage during those years are now doctors, lawyers, teachers, businesspeople, but some have found steady work in the performing arts. Balancing my studies at Rice and my theatrical endeavors showed me what was possible, and to date I have appeared in over 80 stage productions in and around Houston with more on the horizon.

Tamara stands in the center of the frame with her arm outstretched as she performs as a character in a play.
There's nothing like being center stage.
Tamara, in her cap and gown, smiles at the camera and receives her diploma as she graduates.
Tamara graduated in '87 and is now a proud alumni.

Brandon Mack, Wiess ‘06
Associate Director of Admission

One of my favorite moments at Rice was attending the first ever Rice Drag Show that was put on by Queers & Allies (now known as Rice Pride). It was a huge turn out of the Rice queer community, supportive students and staff and the Houston LGBTQ+ community. We had local drag performers who were part of the Imperial Court come out and support. We had students who performed as drag queens and kings. It was amazing to be in such a supportive environment and to see the queer community of Rice being embraced and celebrating each other. 


Students from the Rice Marching Owl Band wave LGBTQIA+ flags on the Rice football field to celebrate Pride.
We're thankful for students like Brandon who have continued to pave the way for celebrating Pride.
Brandon Mack poses for a picture in front of a banister.
Recently, Brandon was interviewed for a feature in Rice Magazine about his continuing activism and support both on campus and in the city of Houston.

Sneha Kohirkar, McMurtry ‘15
Associate Director of Admission

My favorite memory at Rice is Move-in Day, which is the first day of O-Week. I was in the car with my parents driving up to Rice with all of the things I had packed and brought from California. As we turned into McMurtry, I was absolutely shocked to see that we were greeted by a bunch of screaming, dancing, and overjoyed upperclassmen students. Not only were they just bubbling with energy, they knew my name even before I had introduced myself! They proceeded to move all of my things up to my room for me with big smiles while my parents and I were told to relax and hang out. I could not have asked for a better welcome to Rice because it was at that moment that I realized I’d found my new home.


A group of women wearing blue saris with gold trim stand in front of men wearing black collared shirts and blue ties.
"A couple of my friends and I created Rice’s first official South Asian a capella group, named Basmati Beats. This is our group competing at our first ever competition, Nasha, hosted by the University of Houston." - Sneha
A group of women, including Sneha, stand in front of the Sallyport Arch in their cap and gowns after graduating from Rice.
"Walking out of the Sallyport at graduation with my best friends at McMurty was an unreal and unforgettable experience!" - Sneha
Sneha is wearing a Rice t-shirt and riding on a camel in the Wadi Rum Desert.
"I studied abroad in Jordan to learn Arabic for a semester and absolutely loved my visit to Wadi Rum, a desert in the region." - Sneha
Sneha on the left wears a red sari and poses next to her husband, Michael.
"My now husband and I attending a South Asian Society event when we were students." - Sneha

Kathlyn Anthony, Duncan ‘18
Admission Counselor

Some of my favorite memories surrounded my involvement in Camp Kesem Rice, a free summer camp for children who have been impacted by a parent’s cancer. I served as the Yellow Unit leader and the Operations Coordinator for two years. Kesem means “magic” in Hebrew, and it was a truly magical experience working with my co-coordinators and counselors to plan and host a fun and enriching week for our campers. My favorite parts of camp included Paper Plate Awards, the Talent Show, and getting to know all of my campers!

Kathlyn stands next to two other students holding a sign that says "Love Kids Hate Cancer" to help recruit fellow Rice students to volunteer for Camp Kesem.
"Recruiting new volunteers for Camp Kesem at the 2017 Student Activities Fair." - Kathlyn
Kathlyn poses with her fellow counselors and her 16 campers at Camp Kesem.
"The biggest unit of the year at 16 campers and 7 counselors, Yellow Unit 2017 had the BEST time at camp." - Kathlyn
A group of students, with Pamela in the center, sit on the lawn in the academic quad wearing yellow stoles that represent Brown College.
"A senior picture with my freshman year floormates who turned into some of my best friends!" - Pamela (photo credit: 2.8Portraits)

Pamela McInturff, Brown ‘21
Admission Counselor

Some of my favorite memories at Rice are with the people I met on day one of O-Week and stayed close with throughout my entire time at Rice. We all lived on the same floor at Brown our freshman year and my favorite tradition of ours was birthday dinners. For every person in the group's birthday, we always went out to eat at a place of their choosing and paid for their dinner - it was such a special tradition and eased the homesickness on birthdays!


Sarah poses with her fellow Duncaroos in front of the Dunc Tank. Everyone is dressed up in green and gold, Duncan's colors, for Willy Week.
"Friends and I having fun during Willy Week." - Sarah
Sarah poses for a picture with her fellow co-coordinators. She's in the center while the two boys use their arms to make a circle around her face.
"Me with my lovely O-Week Co-Coordinators." - Sarah

Sarah Jin, Duncan ‘21
Admission Counselor

Coordinating Orientation Week (O-Week) for my residential college, Duncan, during my sophomore year was probably the first opportunity I got to really own a project from start to finish. Along with my wonderful co-Coords, I had to balance considering topics like mental health and inclusion with making the week fun and exhilarating; we worked with our Advisors and with university partners to ensure our New Students had a robust support network. While we ran into many challenges along the way, I couldn't be prouder of the thoughtful and exciting experience we led, and it helped me grow into a more confident and self-assured leader.


Sarah stands in the center of the frame, doing a dance move with her arm, while the students surrounding her copy her move.
"Leading the inaugural O-Week flash mob dance." - Sarah
Sarah and five other friends are dressed up nicely and sitting on the Dunc Tank, making silly faces and all holding bananas in various ways.
"Friends and I decided to get fancy for an impromptu photoshoot." - Sarah

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