Rice Football Saturdays: Rice vs. University of Houston


A group of students, staff and alumni pose for a picture outside of the stadium at the tailgate. The person in center is holding a sign that says “Rice: not your average carbohydrate.”
Rice football games bring together students, staff and alumni.
An adult stands at the end of an inflatable slide reaching towards the two children on the slide, getting ready to climb off.
We invite everyone to tailgate before the game with food and activities for all ages.
Three people wearing Rice shirts smile and pose with a thumbs up in the stands of the football field.
Students can come to football games for free with their Rice ID, so many students spend their Saturday at the stadium.
Three cheerleaders hold up a fourth with her arms outstretched in a v, waving her blue and white pom poms.
Fun fact: this is called a stunt, and Rice cheerleaders practice so it's perfect for gameday.
A group of football players run towards the camera on the football field, with the one in front carrying an American flag.
As Rice's players run into the stadium, you can feel the energy of the first game of the semester.
A Rice member of the dance team smiling and holding silver and blue pom poms is standing in the center of the picture.
The dance team is another group that keeps spirits high for both the players and the fans.
A member of the Rice dance team and a Rice fan are both raising their left arms next to each other to cheer on the players.
Both the cheerleaders and the dance team interact with the crowd and show their school spirit.
The Rice mascot, an owl wearing a blue jersey, is standing on a football field.
No Rice game would be complete without our mascot, Sammy the Owl.
Two students in uniform play the drums as part of the Rice MOB (Marching Owl Band).
Students love the unconventional Rice MOB (Marching Owl Band), and their performances
are a must-see.
The Rice offensive line on the left faces the University of Houston defensive line on the right, as Rice is about to snap the ball.
The rivalry between Rice and the University of Houston is called the Bayou Bucket Classic, and the winner receives a trophy with a golden bucket on top.
Two students in the stands wearing Rice shirts hold up the Owl Hand Sign with their thumbs crossed and palms facing out
Our students flash the Owl Hand Sign to cheer on our players.
A large group of students cheers and claps for the football team in the stands.
Win or lose, the best part of football games is the community it fosters.

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