What I Eat in a Day: All 5 Serveries



Hi! My name is Nithya Shenoy and I am a senior at Sid Richardson College. I am currently majoring in Economics and on the pre-law track. I’m involved in a few organizations on campus, including Rice Finance and the Baker Institute Student Forum. 

As someone who has lived on campus for the past three years, I am on the campus meal plan, which means I get my meals from any of the five serveries. Even though I’m a vegetarian, I still have plenty of options, especially since some of the serveries have a vegetarian-only station. Today, I’ll be showing you what I eat in a day at South Servery. 

student holding out plate of food

I usually get scrambled eggs in the morning for protein. South also makes smoothies, which are especially refreshing in the hot weather. There are also a variety of pastries, so I always grab a muffin or a sweet bread. 

lunch of grapes and tortilla
student holding plate of food

Today I was able to enjoy some tasty palak paneer for lunch, an Indian dish with spinach and paneer (a type of cheese), with some naan. For my fruit, I had a bowl of grapes.



For dinner: South has a mezze bar, so I got some hummus and carrots. I also added some watermelon. I love pasta, so I got pasta with creamy alfredo sauce. For my greens, I got chickpea and lemon vinaigrette salad, which were delicious. Dessert was a mocha tres leches cake. 

  • Nithya S., Sid Richardson, ‘24


Baker Servery always reminds me of home cooking! Having a servery so close to where I live with people I know adds to the homey vibe of our residential college. Additionally, Baker’s outstanding food and diversity of dishes make this servery the best on campus!

  • Austin Cox, Baker ‘24
baker food


I enjoy eating at North Servery due to the diverse menu choices that appeal to a wide variety of tastes. North Servery also has some of the best seating — North College Commons and the outdoor dining areas are some of the most cozy and relaxing places to have a great conversation with your friends. The food is freshly made by chefs and this servery has one of the most extensive selections of salads and fruits on campus.

  •  Vipin S., Martel ’24
owl masala
salad bar


As someone who has allergies, I have no problem finding options at West Servery. This dining hall provides plenty of healthy options for all kinds of dietary restrictions. Every meal option is labeled with allergens, and if there isn’t an option you can have, a chef in the back of the servery will make a meal for you. 

  •  Nikhil M., McMurtry ’25




Hello! My name is Alhena Kerawala, and I am a freshman at Lovett College studying business and entrepreneurship. My day begins bright and early with cross country practice at 7:30 AM each morning. After practice, my body craves a meal before I start class, so I head to Siebel Servery- connected to Lovett- for a delicious breakfast! My breakfast consists of a lightly toasted plain bagel topped with strawberry cream cheese, and a side of either hash browns or cottage cheese and honey. As you can tell from my pictures, I eat greek yogurt with each meal for the extra protein and also as a snack to assist my muscles with recovery post workout. 



After my first two morning classes, around 12:15 PM, my stomach starts to grumble– indicating it's ready for another meal! As I head back to Siebel Servery, my lunch consists of some variation of seasoned chicken and onions (for some extra spice), ravioli, pepper jack cheese, and some fries to curb my fast food cravings. On the side, I make a balsamic salad with extra chicken, edamame, tomatoes and cheese, while sipping on ice-cold blue Powerade.



As my classes come to an end, I eat the last meal of my day. Similar to my breakfast and lunch, my dinner incorporates greek yogurt. Additionally, I eat warm sautéed potatoes, harissa honey chicken, black pepper seasoned fries, more ravioli, and balsamic salad. To balance my meal, I finish off with my favorite variety of freshly cut, sweet fruit.


dinner plate yogurt fruit main

Alhena Kerawala, Lovett, ‘28


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